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Trekking For Beginners

When ever trekking comes in our mind our mind flows in different directions. We think a lot about it. Lots of fun, adventure, friends, food, wine, camps, bone fires etc. Life will be awesome and things will be ultimate. Yes trekking is somehow like that. It’s the best way to utilize your vacations and free time. Spending time with your loved ones and friends is the best investment of your time.

But there is also another face that trekking is not so easy. It needs some physical requirements and mental strength. Most of the time people make the mistake while choosing the place for their first trek. Always choose a place which will be a very easy trek. The ups and downs are normal and trek duration will be max to max 4 days. Always check the geographical data of the trek route, the present climate conditions and your ability. End of the you have to complete the submit and return home safely.

In most of the websites you can find lots of trek for beginners but all of them are not. They use to write such things to get more business but the fact you will face after reaching the place. Normally trek routes are mountain roads full of stones and mud. Sometimes roads are slippery and very narrow. Although your trek lead and guides are there who are very experienced and can handle the situation but you have to take care of yourself. Always obey the instructions and follow the rules. These rules are made for your safety only.

At the first day of your trek when you start always try to take small steps and make a slow start. So that your body willget ample amount of oxygen and acclimatize to the environment. As you know at high altitudes oxygen layer is thin and you may face breathing issues, headache and weakness. All these are because of insufficient supply of oxygen to our body organs. But starting will a slow move can make your body take the right quantity of oxygen. The other important thing is dehydration. Most of you might think that the weather is quiet cold and how could I get dehydrated in such a weather. You might not have known that while climbing up you body needs lots of energy and because of it body sweats a lot. This is the reason of dehydration. To avoid it don’t take off your jackets or sweaters repeatedly. At some point of time you might feel hot and want to remove your extra wearing but don’t do that. Take adequate amount of water in equal interval of time and if possible keep glucose or ORS with you for best results.

One of the major mistake that normally people use to do is consumption of alcohol during the trek. Please don’t do it while walking on mountains. It has very negative effect on your body. The oxygen flow will be less and you might step out from your track. Well now you can ask that we are here for enjoyment. In such a case you can take it but after reaching your campsite. Before going to bed or while sitting with your group round the bonfire you can take some and make your mind relax. But as much as possible try to avoid it.

While packing you bags for trekking always choose things wisely. Avoid to take unnecessary and extra things. You have to carry it during the whole trek. Most of the people make one common mistake that they take lots of clothes mostly jeans. Try t avoid jeans because its more heavy and take more place. In an average for 3 days you can take 1 pair of outfits. But regularly you change your inners. That’s important as it take care of your vital organs. Well apart from joke think wisely while choosing clothes.

Some people or website can suggest you to take dry fruits with you while trekking. Here I want to highlight a small thing that dry fruit is good resource but don’t consume it in huge amount. It may cause cramps in your stomach which results in vomiting. You can take chocolates and dry fruits both but in a limited amount. One more important health hazard is consumption of noodles and eggs. Both the things are not good. If you want to take then take it at your camp. Don’t take while walking. And don’t take in excess amount.

These are  certain tips that a beginner should take care of while preparing for his or her first trek. Safety comes first and then enjoy your time. Always keep safety as your first priority. If you are safe then only you can enjoy the moment. Trekking is the best way to get rid of tension and anxiety. Whenever you get time or you want to spend some quality time go for trekking. Companies like Trek And Trips are the best trek organizers in India and for them safety comes first. You can also visit their site at www.trekandtrips.com and book your trek at very affordable prices.

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