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Explore the mystery of Roopkund

Roopkund is a well known place in Uttarakhand region. This place holds a secret history that’s yet to be discovered. At an altitude of 15000 ft roopkund is holding hundreds of human skeletons and bones deep in its depth. Still you can explore some bones with fresh muscles attached to it. And no one exactly tell from where those skeletons came. What actually happed there and why  all of them take a deep sleep for ever in roopkund. Lots of myths and tales are attached to the history of roopkund. You can hear lots of stories related to that place from the local people. But no one knows exactly what happened. Yes that’s the reason that makes roopkund a Mystery Lake.

Roopkund is not only famous for its mystery that it holds secretly from decades but also the views and the natural looks of mighty Himalaya will take your breath away. While heading towards roopkund one can witness Asias largest bugial or you can say grass land. It seems like heaven on earth. The vast grass land with make you fall in love with that place.

Roopkund trek is a must do trek for every adventure lover once in a life time. The morning mist and the mesmerizing view of the sky touching peaks will make your fun double. Roopkund trek starts form lohajung which is nearly 200 Kms from kathgodam. Up to kathgodam you can travel through bus or train and is connected to lot of cities and towns by train. After reaching kathgodam you have to hire taxi or can share the cab with other guys to reach lohajung. Normally the trek organizer arrange this for you. While travelling from kathgodam to lohajung you can enjoy the whole trip. The zigzag mountain roads at high altitude will thrill you. If you are a photographer or you love photography you will get lot of places to explore your passion. The who trip will make you more excited.

After reaching lohajung you can take rest over night and prepare for the next day morning. With the sunrise the trek starts and so also the fun, adventure and excitement. While moving forward you can come across many small villages and local people. You can exchange words with them and can hear lots of exciting stories. During this trek you can get a chance to spend one night with local people in their village. You can enjoy the mud house stay and their local food that they farm on their own land. With delicious food and their way of living you can learn a lot about people living in high altitudes and mountains.

Heading forward to Roopkund the dense forests changes into vast grass lands spread in miles of area. The scenic view you make you think about the beautiful places that you ever seen in movies and pictures. You can’t even believe your eyes at first look. The hill tops covered with mountains and with grazing animals will just keep your eyes open. You will be ready to stay there for ever. You will get small teal stalls or dhaba during the whole trek. You can take some light food and continue your trek.

The most exciting and thrilling moment will come when you reach Roopkund and see feel the real beauty of it from your eyes. Apart from it the bones and skeletons also hike your interest. The panoramic view from the top of Roopkund is worth to see and capture. This will be a great memory for your entire life. Ever try to visit roopkund with your friends or loved ones. It’s a place that will make you feel what nature is.

Normally Roopkund is a summer trek. During summer it will be best to visit this place. You can explore the vast grass lands and the real beauty of Roopkund. We at Trek And Trips provide the best roopkund packages for your friends and loved ones. For booking visit our link http://trekandtrips.com/trekking_single.php?trekking=Roopkund+Trek and book your trek at very affordable price. Our experienced team members also guide you to plan your trip and make it a memorable one.

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