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Camping in Kalatop - Dalhousi

2 Days | 1 Nights


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Adventure Camping in Kalatop

Situated at a height of around 8000 feet above sea level, reaching Kalatop will be an experience of a lifetime. You will pass through a road bounded by dense forest and reach at Lakkarmandi that lies between the Dayankund and Kalatop peak. The Bhulwani Mata Temple is the main attraction at the foothills of the Dayankund peak of Himachal Pradesh. Dayankund has an elevation of 8600 feet with several military installations. Tourists and honeymoon couples will love to walk up to Kalatop from Lakkarmandi. The road is covered with pine and deodar with the Kalatop Forest Rest House situated 3 km away from central Lakkarmandi. The blissful ambience and the chirping of birds make Kalatop a secluded yet sought after tourist spot. The beautiful landscape, pine forests, wildlife and tranquility are integral to your Kalatop trip from Dalhousie.


Highlights :

Kalatop hill is famous for many reasons and one such reason is the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the most beautiful places in Dalhousie that draws tourists and make them fall in love with the place. This high altitude forest area is located at an average elevation of 2,500 meters above sea level and offers stunning views of thick pine, deodar, and oak forests and a plethora of various fauna such as the Himalayan Black Bear, Pheasants, and Himalayan Black Marten. Trekking is the best way to explore the beauty of this forest, which is why the tourists come here in the months of October to March to catch a glimpse of snow covered valleys and dense forests.

There is a forest guest house at Kalatop, where the guests can stay for a better experience as they can closely watch the mother nature and spend their holiday in absolute bliss. Tourists normally prefer to walk up to Kalatop from Lakkarmandi, which is approximately 4 kms from Kalatop, to take in the amazing views of the beautiful landscapes of Kalatop. This region is less explored compared to other area of Dalhousie, and so forest trailing, wildlife safari, and picnics are so much fun here.


How to reach :

The nearest railway station to kalatop is pathankot. From pathankot you can easily get buses or cabs to dalhousi. From dalhousi cabs are available to kalatop on private booking and sharing basis. From dalhousi kalatop is 15 km.


Price :

Rs. 1,200 + 5% GST (Only Camping)

Rs 3,000 + 5% GST (Camping & Adventure Activities)

Adventure Activities includes :

  • Zipline
  • U Bridge
  • Tier Bridge
  • Verma Bridge
  • Plank Bridge
  • Net Bridge
  • Mowgli Walk & Rappling


Add-Ons :

  • - Paragliding @ Rs. 3000 per person (At 7000 ft from ground)
  • - Rock Climbing & Rappelling @ Rs. 500 per person (minimum group size of 08)

Day No : 1
Morning Arrival and pick-up from the Bus Stand / Main Square and drive (10 minutes) to the campsite road-head. From there our camp is just 2-5 minutes easy walk. We will allot the tents where you can settle down and freshen up. In the meanwhile, we’ll start preparing hot breakfast for you. After breakfast and freshening up, you can just explore the nature and nearby places, or simply relax at our place, or you can try our different adventure activities which includes

  • Zipline
  • U Bridge
  • Tier Bridge
  • Verma Bridge
  • Plank Bridge
  • Net Bridge
  • Mowgli walk & Rappling

. After the activities, lunch will be served and then relax. In the evening we enjoy tea, snacks and light music over bonfire amidst mountains. Once it gets a little dark, we also serve hot and healthy. Post dinner, we can just relax under the starry night sky and doze off for the next day.

Day No : 2
After morning breakfast, we are free to explore the town or check-out, alternatively, we can arrange adventure activities like rock-climbing and Paragliding (at extra cost) near to the camp. Once you are ready to leave, we drop you back at the Bus Stand of Kalatop.

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