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Gulmarg (India)

In a nutshell

It was discovered as a tourist destination by the British in the 19th century. Prior to that, Mughal emperors vacationed in the Gulmarg valley which is about 03 kms long and up-to 01 km wide. It is exquisitely situated in a pine surrounded basin of the Pir Panjal range at an altitude of 2,730 meters above sea level and one of the most famous tourist destinations of Kashmir. It also has one of the world’s highest green golf courses with 18 holes, as well as a clubhouse, which is a historical building in its own right.
The centre of the highest cable car ride (Gondola) in the world-Gulmarg lies in the district of Baramula of Jammu and Kashmir. The place was earlier called Gaurimarg as it was named after Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati (also called Gauri ),however, later on the place was renamed to Gulmarg by King Yousuf Shah Chak, which means “Meadow of Flowers” .
Gulmarg is considered the “Heartland of winter sports in India” as it is an ideal place for skiing and other winter sports.Nature has lavishly bestowed her gifts on Gulmarg in the form of snow-clad mountains, beautiful landscapes, flowering gardens, sparkling lakes and various other beauties of nature may be that is why during the British Era Gulmarg was the most beloved summer holiday destination for the English and even today is loved well by tourists.

How to Reach:

Air: To reach Gulmarg you have to first make it to Srinagar (approximately 55km from Gulmarg) and then from there you can make it to Gulmarg by a personal Vehicle or taxi.
Road: Gulmarg is well connected by road to Srinagar (approximately 55km from Gulmarg) and Jammu (about 300 km from Gulmarg) and these two places are well connected to other parts of the country by means of Air and Rail. So it is quite easy to reach Gulmarg by Road.
Rail: The nearest railway station is found in Jammu(about 300 km from Gulmarg), so you travel upto Jammu (Which is well connected to other parts of the country) and then from their hire a taxi to Gulmarg.

Photo Gallery

Alpather Lake

Alpather lake situated at the two 4511 meter Apharwat peaks, is known for its scenic beauty.It is an Alpine lake which remain frozen till the end of june,as the water in the lake starts melting, one can see Floating ice blocks which makes a breathtaking view.Please get some details from the tourism office, As some areas around the lake require special permits.The lake is pefect for family sightseeing and picnic.


Khilanmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, India is a smaller valley about a 6-km walk from the Gulmarg bus stop and car park. The meadow, carpeted with flowers in the spring, is the site for Gulmarg’s winter ski runs and offers a fine view of the surrounding peaks and over the Kashmir Valley. It’s a 600-metre ascent from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg and during the early spring, as the snow melts, it can be a very muddy hour’s climb up the hill. The effort is rewarded, if it’s clear, with a sweeping view of the great Himalayas from Nanga Parbat to the twin 7,100-metre peaks of Nun and Kun to the southeast.

Gulmarg Golf Course

The course at Gulmarg is like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined before. Situated at an altitude of 2,650 m, it is the highest green golf course anywhere in the world. The layout of the course too is different from most golf courses – the land slopes and inclines along the complete area of the course, which has a par of 72. The historic Gulmarg Golf Club was started in 1911 by the British who used the place as a holiday resort. The origin of Gulmarg as the Golfing Mecca of India goes back to the late 19th century when a 6-hole course was made in 1890-91 by Colonel Neville Chamberlain - the greens were known as browns in those days. The first Golf championship was played at Gulmarg in 1922. The Nedou's Cup was introduced in 1929.The course remains covered under snow from December to April. One can hire Golf Sets and balls from pros who are registered with the Tourism Department. The Golf Course is under major renovation these days, with many greens and tees being relocated. It is expected that the course shall be ready to welcome Golfers by the middle of next year.

Best Time to Visit


  • One must go for the cable car ride on Gondola.
  • One must see the different cultural dances like Wuegi Nachun, Rouf, Hafiza,etc.
  • One must try Rista.
  • One must try skiing and trekking.
  • Any Naturalist One Can hike through the rich vegetation of the biosphere.
  • Try excursion to Alpather lake on Horseback.
  • Skiing At Khilanmarg.
  • For pro-golfers and golf lovers, teeing off at an altitude of 2,650 meters, is sure to give their golfing experience an altogether.
  • Oe must go for Gondola Ride and Skiing in Khilanmarg.
  • If You are Crazy enough,You can trek 5 kms to khilanmarg.
  • Ferozepur Nallah (5 km from Gulmarg).
  • Srinagar (43 km)
  • Sonamarg (116 km )
  • Pahalgam (146 km)
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