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Kareri Lake Trekking

4 Days | 3 Nights


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Kareri Village, Rioti, Kareri Lake


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Kareri Lake is best known for being a trekking destination in the Dhuladhar range. The walk takes you through pristine Oak, Pine and Rhododendron forests. Kareri Lake is situated at an altitude of 3100m it is a shallow fresh water lake. This trek is great for the first time trekker and is a perfect introduction to the great ranges. Our trip begins from the laid back town of Mcleodganj. Apart from the fact that Mcleodganj is the headquarters for the Tibetan government in exile, it is also an amazing place to hang around with great food joints, small bakeries and lovely book shops.

A beautiful and picturesque lake, the Kareri Lake seems like a place which has been picked straight out of a Hollywood movie. Also known as Kumarwah Lake, this is a shallow, freshwater lake that is situated to the south of the Dhauladhar range, about 9 kilometres to the northwest of Dharamshala, in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 2,934 metres above the sea level, the Kareri Lake is also a popular trekking destination in the Dhauladhar range other than being a major sightseeing attraction. Frequented mostly by the Gujjars and Gaddis who reside in the nearby villages because of the extensive pasturelands that the Kareri Lake houses, the lake also boasts of beautiful clusters of dense conifers and different kinds of colourful perennial flowers.


Inclusions :

1. Camping Tents,sleeping bags and sleeping mats

2. Meals: Food cycle starts with Lunch on Day 1 and ends with Breakfast on Day 4.

3. Guide, cook and camp helpers

4. Excursion to nearby hills

Cancellation Policy :

Up to 30 Days :- 90% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Between 21 - 30 Days :- 60% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Between 20 - 11 Days :- 30% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Less than 10 Days :- No refund.

Below is the list of trek essentials for reference. You may pack your bags accordingly.


1. Backpack (30 – 35 L) with sturdy and comfortable shoulder straps and supporting frame. Add-on poncho can be considered to keep it dry.

2. Trekking shoes. Ensure the shoes are well broken in before the trek. Shoes should have good grip, ankle support and waterproofing.

3. 1 waterproof track-pants. Track-pants are light. Plus when things get cold you can wear one over the other. DO NOT bring Jeans, Shorts, Capris, etc.

4. 2 x cotton t-shirts – full sleeves preferred.

5. 1 x Fleece jacket; a woolen sweater would be an alternative.

6. 1 x Wind-proof jacket.

7. 1 pair x thermal inner.

8. 2 pair x socks.

9. Woolen monkey cap / balaclava that covers the ear.

10. 1 pair x gloves.

11. Sun Cap and Sun-glasses which cover your eyes well.

12. People who wear spectacles, choose one of these: a) Use contact lenses. b) Photo-chromatic glasses c) If either of the above is not possible, wear your spectacles and carry a big sunglass that can be worn over your spectacles.

15. Towel (Thin, quick drying type).

16. Cold cream and sun screen lotion (SPF 40+) and one Lip-balm.

17. 1 x Water bottle (1 L each).

18. Torch with extra set of cells (head lamps preferable).

19. Personal toilet kit (minimal) and toilet paper.

20. Camera, memory-cards, batteries etc. (carry enough spare batteries. Electricity is not available during trek)

21. Slippers / sandals (for walking around campsite, you can share this with tent mates).

22. Some trekkers feel loss of energy more than others. While there is adequate food provided on the trek, carry dry fruit combinations as light snacks. Glucon-D can help in instant energy and considered good in AMS as well (not proven).

23. While packing, use plastic bags to compartmentalize things and carry few extra plastic bags for wet clothes.

24. Rain Poncho.


Day 01: McLeodganj to Kareri Village Camp

Reach Mcleodganj early in the morning by 0900 am; freshen up and have quick tea/coffee. Later we

will begin the Kareri Lake trek, and in its first phase, hike to the camp at Kareri Village. The climb is

not difficult at all, and will take you through dense but beautiful pine jungles. As you tread along the

trail for 4-5 hours, you will pass by a number of small villages. Most of the journey involves trekking

down the mountains, and only the last part has some climbing. The village you are walking towards

is atop a ridge, and has an altitude of around 5905 feet.

Day 02: Kareri Village Camp to Rioti Camp

Upon waking up, start the next section of Kareri Lake trekking, and gear up for a tough climb.

Today you will walk for anywhere between 4 and 5 hours, but the journey will be highly rewarding.

The path goes along a narrow mountainous river, named Fund, which will have to be crossed again

and again. Some crossings consist of makeshift bridges while others will have to be negotiated by

walking on riverine boulders. Your campsite for the night will be beautiful and velvety alpine

grassland, which has an elevation of approximately 8038 feet above sea level.

Day 03: Rioti to Kareri Lake (10170 feet)

What follows is the most important part of Kareri Lake trekking tour as it will take you to your final

destination of the hike. The ensuing 4 hours of treading along the mountains will take you to the

base of Minkiani Pass, where the lake is situated. This is also the most scenic part of the entire trip,

and once you start walking, you will know why. You will first walk on a narrow, rocky and muddy

track, lined with thickly forested mountains on one side, and a river gorge on the other. As the region

is not too high, you will see coniferous as well as deciduous trees along the way. High above the

ground, the mountains may be obscured by clouds.

As you continue your Kareri Lake trek, you will keep gaining altitude, and the vegetation will start

becoming less dense. After a while, you will be walking on quite a rough trail. You will now tread

along another rocky river, and the altitude of the region will result in the disappearance of deciduous

trees. Only towering spruces and firs along with lush grass will be seen. Here the clouds may be

right at the surface, and you might get the opportunity to pass through them. The campsite for this

night will be another enchanting meadow, and from here you will be able to see Minkiani Pass,

Baleni Pass and a valley below.

Day 04: Kareri Lake to Kareri Village |On to McLeodganj

This day, you end Kareri Lake trekking, and hike down to a place known as Ghera. First, you will trek down

along the river and coniferous forests of firs and spruce, and as you lose elevation, the vegetation will keep

becoming denser. After you lose a significant amount of elevation, tall deodar trees will start appearing, and

the grass will become lush. At Ghera, you will board a Jeep and drive all the way to McLeodganj.

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